Photo: Facebook
Today (06/01), Brazilians from various states of the country held protests, which they called "public acclamation", calling for the return of the constitutional parliamentary monarchy as the country's system of government.

Brazil left the monarchist system 129 years ago, in 1889, when a military coup expelled the family of Emperor Dom Pedro II and implemented the republican regime. Today, if the country returned to be a monarchy, the emperor would be Dom Luiz de Orleans e Bragança, who is the head of the Imperial House of Brazil.

The ceremony is marked by the raising of the flags of the Empire of Brazil and counts on the presence of Dom Bertrand, brother of Dom Luiz and second of the line of succession to the empire. The objective of the monarchist groups is to bring to debate the restoration of the monarchy, taking advantage of the electoral year in the country.

In the photo, monarchists next to the statue of Dom Pedro II, the last emperor of Brazil, in Quinta da Boa Vista, which was the official residence of the imperial family.