São Gonçalo city center | Photo: Romário Regis
The blog A política RJ [The politics RJ] has already surpassed the mark of the 3.8 million views. The blog is a reference for people who want to know about the political news in São Gonçalo, in the State of Rio de Janeiro and in Brazil. With this, the blog is also an international reference, with readers from the United States, Russia, Portugal, Germany and France.

The blog The RJ's politics is read by people from all corners of the world. There are also access and interactions of people from Ukraine, Ireland, Peru, Romania, Spain, Italy, Mexico, India, Morocco, Algeria, Australia, Japan, Egypt, Israel, Mozambique, among others. The blog, created in mid-2015, already has more than 150,000 views abroad.

The blog's writer, Claudionei Abreu, says many people are watching Brazil's politics and follow the news of our country.

"Many people from outside Brazil are aware of our daily lives, and today, access to information is a matter of minutes, we read a lot and absorb a lot of information." Another positive point is to know that a São Gonçalo blog has such an important repercussion and can take the name of the city to the world. The sad part of this is that people around the world see the shame that our politicians are", he said.

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